Maintenance Tips

Simple Maintenance Tips

There are many things to know about how to take care of your stones, but I want to give you tips as simple as possible.

The most common enemies of stones are Acids and Sands.

1. Acids: Marbles and calcium base stones easily get etched by anything acidic. Two of the most common acids are Drinks and Cleaning chemicals.

  • For Drinks, make a habit of using coasters.
  • For cleaning chemicals, make sure read labels before you buy any product. Usually labels are printed in tiny letters in the back of the bottles, but it will save you a lot of money if you read them carefully. (Note: Cultured marbles are not marbles!!!) Make a habit of spraying on the cleaning towels instead of spraying directly on the surface. Some high sheen finish can be dulled with alkaline cleaning solutions so make sure test before you use it.
  • Examples of acids: Vinegar, Juices, Sodas, Wines, Fruits, Cosmetics, most of tile and grout cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, etc.

2.  Sands: Sands and grit will scratch and dull the surface.

  • Place a floor mat and make a habit of wiping off your shoes before you enter.
  • Dust mop or vacuum often. If vacuumed, make sure to use a soft bristle attachment.
  • Put felt under the furniture legs (especially chairs) to prevent scratches by dragging.

3. Others:

  • Kitchen counters:  Clean around the cook tops after done cooking. Granite is known as oil-loving stone so cooking oils and olive oils will darken the stone.
  • Don’t use heavy duty green sponge to scrub, which may scratch or dull the surface.
  • Showers: Make a habit of using a squeegee on the walls and glasses.

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